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We specialize in manufacturing processes by the deposition of matter, to create products out of composite and mechanical materials.

We manufacture for our customer by bringing our expertise and by enrolling in a professional solution. Flexible, we look for production patterns in line with their industrial needs.



We want to be “we” not “us”, to be more user-friendly? We work better when we know each other, when we meet, when we talk and listen to each other. That is our starting point. So, we first get to know each other, the purchase order is not our priority. The relationship is important because it shows mutual interest, and this then impacts the whole professional relationship in addition to impacting the quality of the work done.

That gives meaning to our work : the whole team is all the more willing to work with a known customer.

We value the human relationship, both internally and externally. In fact, we are a bit like the matter that we work on: ‘the combination of different characteristics makes our products solid, flexible, modern’. In the same way, we look for a combination of knowledge, differences, and each other’s skills to progress, keep our mind open and focused on others.



With an optimized organization, excellence in open and closed molds technics, open team management.

Corporate and Social Responsibility

We think good will is essential for human relationships, internally with the development of each member of the team, externally in the relationship with our customers and partners. We fully integrate into our strategy the Corporate and Social Responsibility.


Since 2000 we have laid the foundation of a solid structure that can now look forward by innovating.


In a dynamic and rapidly renewing market, the ability to adapt is paramount. We remain attentive to technological evolutions, to our clients’ constraints, we plan for the future.


AP Composites was born in 2000 from the desire of two friends to create a company, the skills of one of them lead them to choose the composite material sector. Recipients of the Entreprendre Isère Network, they started their activity in a favorable context with the company Depagne, manufacturer of connections, protections and electrical distribution, located few kilometers near AP Composites, which subcontracts formwork to them, thus becoming one of its first customer, faithful to AP Composites still today.

The company first settled under a hall and worked for the actors of transport, urban furniture, leisure, building…

Gilles Perraud joined the group the day it was created. He then evolved to become today a pillar of the company as the head of production.

Since 2005 AP Composite has known a regular growth: New collaborators, revenue development… The company has been investing since 2005 on a gel coater and a new projector, in order to improve the industrial process.

In 2010, the workshop was enlarged with an added shipping-delivery area that facilitate the logistics. 10 collaborators were working on site.

In 2016, the workshop was completely refurbished, closed, secured, and expanded with a new manufacturing space and new offices. 14 people were employed by AP Composites.

2017 : A new era begins!

In 2017-2018, Julien Kressmann takes over AP Composites (effective sale in March, the 9th 2018), also accompanied by Réseau Entreprendre Isère. It was an opportunity to review methods, organization, processes and to prepare the company for a new cycle.

Two main axes were initiated:

  • The development of a closed mold manufacturing process,
  • Creation of a product catalog